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This National Park is Macedonia’s biggest, stretching over 192,000 acres from Lake Mavrovo to the Albanian border. Mavrovo National Park is home to the highest peaks in Macedonia and country’s best skiing. The Mavrovo Ski Resort has three and four star hotels in and around the town of Mavrovo for those looking to book a ski vacation. The best time for skiing in Mavrovo is from November to April.

In the warmer months, Mavrovo National Park becomes lush and verdant. Lake Mavrovo is the largest artificial lake in the country. In the summer it becomes a popular swimming and boating destination. Many choose to stay in Mavrovo for a couple of days at one of the hotels along the lakeshore. One unusual thing about Lake Mavrovo is the submerged St. Nicholas Church. It was purposely flooded in 1953 when the lake was dug, but has since become partially exposed, creating an unexpected sight.