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Paragliding in Macedonia

Republic of Macedonia is one of the most attractive paragliding sites in the world. Untouched land, food that is remembered and pleasant accommodation for the pilots. Fascinating mountains with several peaks over 2,500 metres and large valleys around, with regular roads to every grassland for take off. Macedonia is an ideal choice for lovers of more extreme sports, thirsty for adventure and a lot of adrenaline.
The Macedonian sky is parading paradise
What every young person wants is finding himself/herself in the space that surrounds him/her. Paragliding enables it, closeness to nature and the transformation of the dream into reality. As a recreational, competitive and adventure sport is widespread throughout the country. When visiting the clubs in Skopje, Prilep, Mavrovo and Krusevo, you will receive full equipment and professional guides for this sport. The Macedonian mountains are suitable for take-off, and the valleys and the lowlands provide a safe and comfortable landing. These regions have incredible landscapes that are definitely worth seeing. One of the best European and world paragliding sites is our highest city Krusevo. Unique weather conditions, mountain cliffs and wide valleys make it possible to set challenging and long tasks in the race. The most attractive is the take off site of “Meckin Kamen” at an altitude of 1420 m overlooking the east-northeast area towards the Pelagonija valley.

The sky above Macedonia full of hang gliders
Thanks to the Aeronautical Federation of Macedonia in our country there are great championships, which put Macedonia on the map of the most desirable destinations for athletes and free-flying and paragliding lovers from Europe and around the world. This is a great opportunity for promotion of our country not only as a tourist, but also as a destination with excellent conditions for free flight, especially for organizing high-level competitions.
AFM with its Aeroclubs has five (5) sports airports in Skopje, Kumanovo, Stip, Prilep and Bitola within which aviation school centres operate. In the five Aeroclubs, training of rocket and aircraft modellers, sailors, parachutists and pilots of motor planes is carried out. Paragliding training is conducted within several clubs members of the Aeronautical Federation. Paragliding in Ohrid Macedonia

Mountain biking in Macedonia

Mountain biking is becoming an increasingly popular sport in the Republic of Macedonia, where there are literally thousands of off-road and cross paths. Each mountain club rents bikes and organizes regional mountain biking tours and smaller local tours. As clubs, they also encourage the development of cycling paths throughout Macedonia, as well as local sustainable tourism for historical and natural sites of interest.

Specifics of Macedonia
The daily prizes for your effort are magnificent sights that stop your breath and remain as a visual reminder of the sublime beauty of Macedonia, mountain villages with charming architecture preserved from the past, the abundance of flora and fauna endemic to these unique Balkan mountains, and fresh as dew and clear as crystal glacial lakes that blind the mind.

Bicycle culture for mountain biking
Bicycle culture in Macedonia has been booming in recent years. Bicycle paths are also created outside of the urban areas, and the interest in mountain biking is enormously increasing. Some cycling routes in the mountains are more than 30 km long.

Mountain biking on Galicica
Galicica is a wonderful place for mountain biking. The trail meets the criteria of both riders who make initial steps and the more experienced ones. Riding along this trail offers participants an unforgettable view of Ohrid Lake along the line from Ohrid to Krstec, stage 1 – 3, a view that remains in one’s memory forever. The rest of the trail is traced along a mountain plateau with a grass cover. The abundance of a variety of flora and interesting landscape forms further enhance the riding pleasure.

Mountain biking in Mavrovo
One of the most beautiful mountain biking trails is in the Mavrovo National park. As its name suggests, the trail offers a fantastic biking experience, enjoying the most beautiful landscapes and panoramas in the park. The starting point is just above the village of Leunovo at the area Studence, where this circular path formally ends. However, since there is a network of mountain biking trails in the park, the start and end of the tour can be adapted according to the wishes and the map data.

The largest part of the route extends along a solid and wide unpaved road that is located in the forest in the part of the village of Leunovo to the place Batkovica, as well as from the place Carevec to Mavrovo, and the rest is in the zone of pastures dominated by beautiful landscapes and panoramas. Part of the track overlaps with the local asphalt roads. The orientation along the track is easy and along it there are many markings and road signs that clearly show the way. In four to five places along the track there is drinking water. There are catering facilities only by the Mavrovo Lake. Technical weights are moderate.

Horse riding

A Riding Expedition is a journey on horseback, which may entail a few hardships, but will reward you with an experience to remember and scenery which you might otherwise not have had the opportunity to see. Explore Macedonia’s mountains on horseback! Most popular destination for horseriding in Macedonia are: Mavrovo and Vodno.

Exploring National Park Mavrovo on horseback
Holiday on a horseback offers a firsthand experience of the riches of the Mavrovo National Park. This particular holiday is a great way to discover the beautiful countryside far from the clutter of the urban life. You will visit places with beautiful scenery, mighty mountains, crystal clear rivers and waterfalls, smooth and vast green highlands. Lodging in old villages, enjoy the taste of domestic food products offered in the local sheepfolds, sometimes by the fire or sometimes simply in the nature, sitting on a rock in the middle of a pasture, taking pleasure in the splendors of life and nature.

Explore Mt. Vodno (Skopje area)
Enjoy stunning panoramic views from Mt. Vodno at the city of Skopje, ride through meadows and pristine forest. Mixed riding abilities and non riders are very welcome. On the tour Western style riding is offered, you will ride Balkan mountain horses, small but hardy and surefooted in the steep terrain. On these rides you need to take a little more care to pack the appropriate clothing for the trip and to make sure you are fit enough for the journey.

Kayaking in Macedonia

Kayaking as a sport is very popular in Macedonia, especially in the Matka Canyon and Ohrid and Prespa Lake. Lakes offer excellent places for kayaking regatta. Mavrovo and Debar Lake are without exception ideal for independent enjoyments and experiences.
The Macedonia Kayak Federation participates and organizes a number of national and international competitions in kayaking. One of the most important sports slalom events in Macedonia that is being held is the International Ilinden Kayak Slalom (ICAS) in the sports and recreational centre of Matka, for the first time organized in the distant 1969. The kayak – downhill along the river Vardar attracts many European and world fans of this sports and recreational discipline.

Adventure kayaking enjoyment along the Matka Canyon
It is an ideal sport for the summer days, fun and useful for rest and recreation. Kayaking is a sporting and recreational discipline that requires dedication and endurance. This is a great sport for those who love entertainment, water and adrenaline. Covering an area of about 5,000 hectares, Matka is one of the best open-air destinations in Macedonia, which provides an unforgettable kayak experience in the rapids of the river Treska. Destination where you can visit the cave Vrelo which is located in the Matka Canyon and explore the natural beauties offered by the canyon and the Lake Kozjak.

Water Kayak Adventure along Prespa Lake

Prespa Lake is a Biosphere Reserve of UNESCO, which extends into the territory of three countries – Macedonia, Albania and Greece. Kayaking with a professional instructor from the village of Stenje to the village of Konjsko and enjoying Lake Prespa and national parks Pelister and Galicica. Along the way visit to the living monastery St. Ilija and acquaintance with the traditions and rules of Orthodox monastic life. Tasting of some of the most beautiful Macedonian specialties – Gomeljze and Prespa Carp.