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Prilep has another attraction that draws hundreds of visitors from the city and surrounding areas. A small lake with turquoise color, located in an abandoned marble mine above the village Belovodica is a real attractive destination for cooling a number of people, especially young. Because of the landscape around the lake, along with the massive marble blocks which truly is a unique sight, this lake receives the name Prilep Pamukkale lake or Marble lake.The lake is about 100 meters wide and 40 meters deep.

Prilep’s marble has been exploited from its surrounding mountains for centuries and is known as one of the most quality marbles on the Planet. Even ancient cities like Stobi and Heraclea Linkestis in Macedonia were built with this marble, as well as the Ancient City of Damascus in Siriya.

Heading back for a visit to Prilep

Leaving the lake, you get to enjoy the gravel road backwards. A mountain bike will get you down in minutes, whereas a hiking session would allow you to contemplate the entire experience. Neither is better than the other. Getting into your car, and back on the highway, the road towards Pletvar and Prilep awaits. You will need less than 15 minutes to arrive into the city, entering civilization once again.

Known as the town of tobacco, Prilep hides one of the most interesting museums. With an archive richer than you can possible imagine, it tells stories of great historic figures as related to all things tobacco.

The Old Bazar coincides with the center of the city, and it’s the best place to go after an off road adventure. True to its old architecture, it is an interesting sight for foreigners.

Pick a restaurant with a view of the Watch Tower, order traditional Macedonian food, and sit back while browsing through surreal pictures of the marble lake. Prilep is known for its barbecue, and with prices so affordable you might just overindulge yourself. You can even find local accommodation, and stay a while longer while discovering other unique adventure opportunities like Treskavec and Markovi Kuli (Marko’s Towers). If you are a fan of paragliding, the surrounding area offers unmatched takeoff locations, towering above Prilep and the plain of Pelagonia. With a well-structured agenda and successfully embarking before the morning light, you might be able to cross the entire region off your list, stopping at one site after another. It would truly be an experience to remember.